Shelly Leibowitz

Shelly Leibowitz

Advisory Council - Security

Shelly Leibowitz has been training dogs for over 40 years. Born in Brooklyn, he started out training companion dogs in the New York City Metropolitan area. From there, he expanded into other areas of expertise – training dogs for law enforcement, contraband/bomb detection, personal protection/guard work, all the while serving as a training director or guest speaker at various dog clubs. Shelly has also directed training for handlers in law enforcement agencies, private detection, and other private businesses.

His amazing work in solving behavior problems in dogs has led to television appearances and numerous articles in various newspapers. He has a loyal following of happy owners and dogs throughout the country. He has trained hundreds of dogs that have gone on to win awards and titles.

Though Shelly teaches classes and conducts training courses at his school and at Green Leaf Pet Resort - where he owns two locations in Monmouth County, he is frequently invited to teach at dog training seminars throughout Europe and the United States. He’s also proven to be an excellent mentor, teaching students to become professional dog trainers.

Shelly will lead the security division of our Advisory Council.