Gary Foley

Gary Foley

Advisory Council

Gary Foley has over 35 years experience in amusement park and attractions management, customer service, team development and train-the-trainer leadership facilitation.

A lifelong passion, Gary began his career in Ocean City, New Jersey with Gillian’s Wonderland Piers and Gillian’s Island Water Theme Park as a frontline team member in 1976. Very soon, Gary was appointed to the Director of Human Resources, and then to Director of Operations for both parks. In 2009, Gary was offered the General Manager job at a new, 58,000 square foot indoor water theme park in West Berlin, New Jersey. Now established as the guy who makes it happen, Gary was sought out in 2011 to serve as Chief Operating Officer and to open iPlay America, the new, 120,000 square foot indoor multi-purpose entertainment complex in Freehold, New Jersey.

In 2015, Gary was again tapped to join the Funplex Amusement Center, a company with two New Jersey locations in Mount Laurel and East Hanover. Joining the company as Chief Operating Officer, Gary achieved his primary purpose to restructure the businesses, developing and implementing systems to increase profits and grow the enterprise to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Key to Gary’s success in this industry is his zest for learning. Gary takes advantage of the resources provided by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (I.A.A.P.A.) and the World Water Park Association. These includes workshops on hospitality to business development, to marketing, training and operations.

In 1993, Gary was appointed Chairman of I.A.A.P.A.’s Personnel Committee, a post he held for three years. During this time, Gary Foley and his committee prioritized the education and enthusiasm of team members. His committee facilitated the award-winning program called “Motivate Me” at the annual convention and tradeshow. Gary continues to deploy this program while facilitating training workshops onsite at parks across the United States. Gary is also on staff at Zaiss & Company, the marketing collaborative that specializes in FEC/Water Park brand building.