Elijah Roach

Elijah Roach

Advisory Council - VR & E-Sports

Founder and CEO of Saber VR, Elijah Roach was born and raised in Freehold Boro NJ. He's always been a gamer since his parents, Jeannette and Benjamin bought him a Nintendo for his 6th birthday. When Elijah was young, TimeOut, the local arcade in the Freehold Raceway mall was the place friends met after school to socialize and have fun! As the years went by and video game consoles became more prevalent, physical arcades all but vanished and left a void for teenage kids to gather and blow off steam after school. Since then he has dreamed of one day revitalizing the industry.

Elijah Roach started his XR-Tech career at Trinity Solar, the largest privately-owned residential solar company in the US. At Trinity, he designed augmented reality solar systems and virtual reality aptitude training simulations. Elijah accrued many accolades while at Trinity, including 6 Top salesman awards.

Following a very successful career in the solar field, Elijah decided to answer his true calling. Bridging the gap between high-tech gaming, truly immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences to be enjoyed, by the average person, young and old. Elijah is a pro gamer, and as a pioneer in the Virtual Reality / Esports revolution, he knew it was time to act.

This truly futuristic vision gave birth to Saber VR. Saber VR, is a state-of-the-art gaming facility that offers a sundry of Virtual and Augmented reality games, simulations, and 360* experiences. Elijah opened Saber with his best friend, Patrick Overholser, on July 1st, 2018, in the Freehold Raceway Mall; and was immediately embraced by the community.

Together, they brought family fun back in a new high-tech way; while also revitalizing the Raceway Mall in the process. Elijah specializes in building custom racing, flight, and roller coaster simulators. His simulators have been featured at all the major International Auto Shows across the country including L.A, Detriot, New York, Philadelphia, Virginia, and Atlantic City.

Because of this, amazing customer ratings online, and a 75% revisit rate, Saber VR quickly became one of the highest-rated virtual reality arcades in the country. They have serviced over 50,000 gamers to date and have collected whitelist data and stats on 95% of them. This wide-ranging data matrix has proven invaluable to virtual reality researchers and game developers.

Elijah has engaged in countless conversations with casual gamers, pro players, parents, spectators, and investors. 2019 was a colossal year for Elijah's new company. He partnered with the top online gaming conglomerate on the east coast, Helix Esports. Elijah became a vital role in helping build the Helix brand. He co-designed 3 new centers including Patriots Park at Gillette Stadium, Spartan Esports School in New Hampshire, and The B.A.S.E. in central Boston.

As a result, Elijah has been invited to numerous think tanks with the NJEDA, The Bailey Group, Ocean Resorts, The Kushner Group, Atlantic City Gaming Commission, Monmouth Race Track Sports Book, Centenary University, Farleigh Dickinson University, IDeal Labs Workforce Development Centers, and the Kraft Group. Elijah wholeheartedly shares Vito's dream that VR and AR applications can help curve symptoms of MS and is excited to see what the future holds.