Crystl Bustos

Crystl Bustos

Crystl Bustos, also known as The Big Bruiser, was an American & professional softball player who is currently running Ruthless Softball/ Baseball, an elite national softball/baseball program . She is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and considered by many as one of the best hitters in Softball history. She holds the world record for homeruns during an Olympic series, at 6 homeruns, and holds the Olympic record for homeruns, at 14 homeruns, through her 2000, 2004 & 2008 appearances in the Olympics. Crystl Bustos was named 2008 Softball Player of the year and in 2018 was inducted to the USA Softball Hall of Fame.

Today, Crystl owns and operates Ruthless Sports Training. It is geared at getting athletes ready to play and compete at the collegiate level. This is done through a high-level of ongoing training from her staff, compiled of Olympic and Professional Softball/Baseball coaches and players. The dedication by both the girls/boys and the coaching staff is what makes Ruthless unique. The coaches are personally trained by Crystl Bustos and her Olympian/professional staff to ensure uniformity in coaching across the country. Girls and boys with the Ruthless organization are dedicated to improving their game, while also keeping up with their studies; the average GPA of a High School Ruthless Athlete is 3.4.

Ruthless Softball/Baseball is part of the Ruthless Sports Training family which gets its roots from Crystl’s 30+ years of athletic training.

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